Stage 2 Hibiscus Shampoo

Size: 0.29kg

Stage 2 Hibiscus Shampoo

Size: 0.29kg
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Conditioning Shampoo with Hibiscus & Avocado

Please Note: There is currently a 3 week wait for this product.

If you want to cleanse and condition simultaneously and nourishing and protecting your hair is a priority, then this shampoo is for you.

Weve taken a Caribbean favourite - the pink Hibiscus flower, organic Avocado oil and fresh Aloe Vera juice and combined them with gentle cleansers and restorative vitamins to create this moisturising, conditioning shampoo just for you!


  • as a moisturising shampoo for all hair types.
  • safe for mature, maturing locs and coloured locs
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Stage 2 Hibiscus Shampoo

How to Use: Section prior to wetting hair. Apply shampoo to scalp and gently work through to the ends. Work through each section, always moving from the roots to the ends. Allow to penetrate for up to 2 mins before rinsing thoroughly. Repeat if required.

What would you recommend best for 2 year old sisterlocks. Very kinky hair that does not easily retain moisture? Is the Avocado or Argan milk better? Also is it recommended to alternate the Peppermint shampoo with the stage 2 hibiscus shampoo? I’be used stage 1 and loved it but think my hair is mostly locked now. looking for a complete product line. Thank you!
Asked by Leslie Hamilton

Hi Leslie, 

Due to the interlocked nature of Sisterlocks, we recommend staying with the ARGAN hair milk as it so easily absorbed and won't cause build up. You're more than welcome to try the Avocado milk as it's richer and more substantive to the hair but be mindful that locs are unique and while one person's may happily drink this up, another person's may not be as happy. That said - we've had no reported issues from loc'd customers using either product.

The Stage 2 shampoo is a conditioning product, great for loose naturals, and those with coloured or matured locs. It can be diluted to aid application to interlocked or palm rolled hair. Both versions of our Stage 1 Shampoos are clarifying - so some customers like to first shampoo with the Stage 1 and then follow with Stage 2. The choice is yours :)

Can I use this on 1 year old sister locs?
Asked by Serena Day

Hi Serena, 

Thank your for your question. You can use this on your Sisterlocks as long as your ends are sealed. You may find that it works better when diluted in a spray bottle so you can better reach your roots as it is thicker and creamier than our Stage 1 Shampoo. 

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Customer Reviews

Debbie - U.S.A

Outstanding customer serviceHappy with all my products and they smell so good...thank u very much I thought I had emailed you to let you know I received my other bottle of shampoo....and I'm enjoying my products.....they smell so good and they make my hair feel fabulous....once again thank you very much for the outstanding customer service!!!

Jodie - East London

Brings out curls to lifeJust received my box of Almocado products from Almocado. I can't wait to try some of the new products which have just come out. I discovered Annette's product at Curlvolution last year, and I am so happy I spoke to her and tried out her products because they are absolutely amazing on not just my thick, curly multi textured hair, but great on Jasmine's fine, wavy Asian hair. They leave our hair soft, manageable, moisturised and smelling so good! Anyone who knows me will know that I'm very particular about not just what I eat, but what I put on our hair and our skin. I love that Annette's products are handmade, gentle but effective, and cruelty free, without parabens, petrochemicals and both sodium laurel sulphate and sodium laureth sulphate. The shampoo leaves my hair clean but not feeling stripped of moisture, and the twist & twirl buttercream is what I use everyday alongside the sprays which brings out curls to life! Thank you Anette! X

Sandra - London

Hair looks and feels healthyStage 2 is amazing. My hair looks and feels healthy and I've noticed significant growth in loc length. Thank you Almocado...xx"

Curly Hair Lounge - Online Review

Curls will feel moisturised and defined.When it comes to Almocado products expect to be proven wrong and surprised. The products may not feel particularly moisturising on application but the end result will surprise you as your curls will feel moisturised and defined. My take on their products is that they work best together and not apart.

Curly Hair Lounge - Online Review

an effective shampoo that smells amazeballsThe first thing I gotta say about this shampoo is how great it smells! The hibiscus scent in here is amazing. I simply loved it and so did my husband. As a shampoo, it is not as thick or creamy as most shampoos are, but it is not liquid or anything like that, it definitely won’t run off of your hand. I enjoyed it as much as any other shampoo I used so far, it didn’t make my hair feel dry or stripped but I did feel my hair was more cleaned than some other shampoos I used before. For those who like some lather, this shampoo will give you a decent amount of it. Just enough to make you feel happy. All in all, this is an effective shampoo that smells amazeballs!

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