Trouble Logging in?

  • If your account was created before January 15th 2021, you'll need to create a new account. Please refer to the newsletters of Dec 30th and January 18th for further information. The password reset function will only work on accounts created on or after January 16th 2021.

Dry/Flaky Scalp

  • The best remedy for looking after a dry flaky scalp is to shampoo frequently to prevent the shed skin cells from building up in your hair; as a Trichologist, we don't recommend oiling the scalp as this can contribute to the problem by providing a food source to the bacteria which may be causing the flakes. Hot oil treatments using e.g. our peppermint oil blend can help soften large flakes prior to shampooing, which can make them easier to remove. The Stage 1 Peppermint or Stage 1 Seaweed Shampoos will work hard to dissolve and lift the scale from your scalp - make sure you rinse thoroughly to avoid the flakes becoming embedded in your hair. The Peppermint spritz can be applied directly to the scalp to soothe and moisturise afterwards.

Product Customisations

  • If you've requested a change to an existing product e.g. no protein or no fragrance please note there will be an additional lead time of 2-3 weeks; this gives us the time we need to manufacture and QA your product.

What happened to your White Bottles? The image online shows a white bottle but mine is Black

  • We continue to adjust to the ongoing impact of national lockdowns and business closures; as a small business we're particularly sensitive to supply chain interruptions. Where supplies have been disrupted, we try to source identical alternatives, however, in this case, the Black bottles are the closest we've been able to reliably source since March 2020.

Product Out of Stock/Back Order

  • All our products are handmade in small batches for quality control purposes. Fresh batches are made at the beginning of each week, so if a product is marked as out of stock you never have to wait very long for it to be back. If your order consists of products that are in stock alongside products that have been pre-ordered - your entire order will be held until all the items are ready and they'll all be shipped together. 

I have received my Despatch Notification but where is my order? 

  • Due to the ongoing response to the COVID19 pandemic, your delivery may be  delayed. 
  • We are unable to predict which deliveries will be affected, or how and when they will be delayed. 
  • We are also unable to provide updates once your order has been handed over to the couriers. Please contact them directly using the tracking link provided in your despatch notification. 

My Delivery Address was Incorrect, What should I do? 

  • Email us immediately by replying to your order confirmation as soon as you're aware of the mistake and we will make the required corrections. Unfortunately, if your parcel has already been dispatched it cannot be recalled. Once the parcel to be returned to us you will be refunded minus the shipping costs we've incurred in fulfilment -  as we are not liable for failed deliveries due to incorrect or incomplete addresses.

I forgot something, Can I amend or add to my order?

  • We are a small team (of 3), so as our boss mama is on maternity leave, all orders are being filled directly by one of our partners. This means that orders are despatched way faster than previously (YAY!) but it also means that we're unable to amend orders after they've been paid for -  because they'll already have been picked and packed and likely to be on their way to you (SORRY!).