White or Black?

It was during the first national lockdown of 2020 that we first mentioned unexpected changes to our signature white packaging; we had hoped that this would be a short lived temporary measure but we’re now  9 months on and still experiencing supply chain disruptions.

Everyone’s feeling it. And our small business supply chain has been affected and in some cases interrupted. - but none of the businesses involved have been destroyed. We’re all adapting and adopting new health and safety measures, figuring out how to work with less staff, delayed deliveries and doing everything we can to keep smiles on our respective customers’ faces 

This is the new reality of trying to keep a small business running in the aftermath of a global pandemic and national lockdowns and we appreciate your magnanimous attitude and the way you’ve accepted the changes with smiles and encouragement. We are so grateful #almocadoTribe.

Which brings me to the bottles. From early March we starting having issues receiving our usual orders from our 3 suppliers. And our preorders were marked to be fulfilled by the end of MAY (hopefully) - so what to do? What to do?

Well, in anticipation of the worst, i.e. what if those bottles don’t arrive in May? And in response to the uptick in demand which caused us to run out of packaging earlier than predicted (thank you guys!!!) we started ordering the same bottles in a different colour *gasp*. So this is the long explanation for why your normally stark white Almocado bottles are now enigmatic ebony or “oh my gosh! Obsidian” . 

Don’t panic when they arrive and look different to the images on the website. It’s the same product - just a different bottle. And tbh, I imagine there’ll probably be a few more changes like this before things get back to normal. 

We will continue to adapt: processing is still a little slower due to the new health and safety measures and reduced staff, but deliveries seem to be back to normal so we’ll continue to focus on keeping smiles on your gorgeous faces.

You can check the newsletter or our post from May 2nd for the long explanation but here’s a reminder that your products may arrive in WHITE or BLACK bottles.
Same product- just a different bottle.

And the spray nozzles are also changing, instead of putting whole lines of products on hold, we’re rolling with it and using whatever the suppliers have available in the quantities we require. (No point accepting 10 of our regular tops when we need 1000).

Thank you for trusting us to continue to operate in your best interests and ensure you continue to receive the products you love