How to Prevent Buildup in Your Locs

How to Prevent Buildup in Your Locs

How to Prevent Buildup in Your Locs

We love answering your frequently asked questions, here's the answer to one of the more popular ones (for those with locs, microlocs and Sisterlocks):

How to Prevent Buildup in Your Locs

  • Avoid oil (or at least keep it to the bare minimum).

  • If you indulge in hot oil treatments, make sure they’re thoroughly washed out afterwards.

  • Shampoo regularly: every 7-10 days is good, but every 3-5 days is better. Our Stage 1 Seaweed and Stage 1 Peppermint shampoos were specifically formulated for this.

  • If you have a scalp condition e.g. psoriasis, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis have it properly treated. This usually needs a medicated shampoo - something stronger than our natural aromatherapy formulas. If you’re seeing residue on your scalp after washing - the shampoo isn’t strong enough to dissolve and remove all your scalp debris.

  • Avoid thick butters and products containing waxes.

  • Hydrate your locs with our oil-free Moisture Mists which are perfect for adding much-needed proteins, herbs and moisture without the build-up or added weight.

  • DO NOT USE COTTON HEAD WRAPS. Kinky hair acts like Velcro and cotton fibres can become embedded in your locs. Use a satin or silk bonnet/scarf first.

  • Cover your locs when you sleep. Or sleep with a satin/silk pillowcase. See above.

  • Cover your locs when doing housework e.g. dusting or vacuuming

  • Keep woolly scarves, coats and hats away from your locs. Cover with a satin bonnet as per above.

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