How do I Keep My Hair Moisturised?

How do I Keep My Hair Moisturised?

How do I Keep My Hair Moisturised?

This is a million pound question, but here's the undiluted answer for free...

 You KEEP your hair moisturised, by keeping YOUR HAIR MOISTURISED.

 You wouldn’t drink a 2L bottle of water on Monday thinking that'll hydrate you until Friday...

We all know it doesn’t work that way and it's the same with your hair. You must KEEP MOISTURISING as part of your healthy hair routine.

 Here are our top hair moisturising tips:

  • Do not moisturise dirty hair! As much as our Moisture Mists and Milks are amazing (you guys have told us this), with love, not even our badass products will save your dry hair if you are not committed to the basics!
  • Cleanse your hair regularly - at least once a week is a great place to start
  • Use naturally hydrating oil-free products daily - water is your hair's best friend.
  • Keep oils and butters away from your scalp, focus on using them to seal in the moisture applied to your ends and understand that less is more- this goes a long way towards reducing build up of dust, pollen, lint and product in your hair.

So what products can you use to help top up your moisture levels?

Most "moisturisers" do not penetrate hair cuticles, instead they lubricate the hair surface giving the illusion of moistured hair, which can lead to breakage (because the hair is in fact still dry).

Our Moisture Mists are made with pure distilled water, moisturising aloe vera, vegetable glycerin and hydrolised wheat protein - a super lightweight formula that packs a punch when it comes to keeping your hair well moisturised as part of your daily haircare routine (available online in Cherry Vanilla, Sandalwood Vanilla, Peppermint Tea Tree and Coconut Water).

For products with more kick – use the Avocado Hair Silk and/or the Argan Hair Milk to help rehydrate your hair.

And for a creamy moisture boost with added emolliency (super useful at preventing your coily hair strands from catching on to eachother... and everything else like velcro!) - reach for  our CocoCurl Moisture cream, the Twist & Twirl buttercream or the Avocado Hair Milk - you'll love the results!

So we repeat: Whether you have natural, processed hair or locs the best way to KEEP your hair moisturised, is by KEEPING your hair MOISTURISED on a daily basis. 

What routine best helps me Keep in Moisture?

Curly haired women worldwide have found the LCO/LOC method to be effective at maximising and maintaining moisture levels in textured hair.  We'll do a follow up post on this but essentially apply your products in the following order: 

  1.  (L)IQUID - start with a water based spritz or hydrating leave-in conditioner.
  2.  (C)REAM - add a thin layer of a moisturising hair milk or a creamy leave-in conditioner.  NB this product MUST contain water AND oils/butters - not just butters and oils. 
  3.  (O)IL - here's where you add your oil, glaze or hair butters - use sparingly (you don't want greasy hair). The purpose here is to seal in all that lovely moisture you've added in steps 1 and 2.
  4. Almocado always adds a (P) here for (P)ROTECT. Protective styling and satin/silk wraps will help your hair strands to maintain the level of moisture for a prolonged period of time. (You'll still need a daily/periodic spritzing to top up though).

We have an LCO kit to help you get started with this method, it's definitely worth a try. 

Let us know if you need help or have questions by contacting us via our Contact Form. You can also book a personal consultation to help you choose the right products.

Talk soon xx