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12 Best Shampoos And Conditioners For Afro Hair, Indybest: The Independent, 2018

"All of these products tested are really great and worth the time to check out, but if you can only get up to two or three then your best bet would be creme of nature offering (Palmer’s came very close). It is an all-rounder for a great price, and is a really good product for those who want super-soft hair that is clean without dryness. As for conditioner, I would go with Mixed Chicks and Almacado, as they are both so hydrating for the hair, while helping to provide a smooth boost to the follicles."

"Derived from a combination of nourishing organic castor, protein-rich organic coconut oil, organic avocado oil and topped off with strengthening pro-vitamin B and good fatty alcohols in order to leave hair moisturised. This treatment is fluffy, light yet creamy, with denseness, and is suitable for all hair types. It feels great in the hair and instantly boosted the moisture levels. It also gives great definition and makes your curls pop. It also smells of a nice blend of coconut and avocado oils."

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28 Black British Hair Care Brands To Support, Curlture Uk, 2017 & 2018

"We've seen the natural hair movement spread far and wide across the world with billions of beautiful black women learning to embrace their natural tresses, so you already know how black women feel about natural hair and the products we use. You will also know how we feel about the whitewashing of hair care brands and texture discrimination, which we've been very vocal about across our platforms....

....We felt that it was necessary and a crucial time to highlight British black owned hair care brands that you can support and spend your coins with in the UK"

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How She Glowed Through Alopecia, Leading Ladies Africa, Feb 2018

Losing one’s hair and becoming completely bald is surely every woman’s worse nightmare, how is she still here?

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59 Black Owned Businesses In The Uk

I’m very excited to be sharing this last of AH-MAY-ZING black owned businesses in the UK today that are making us proud. You totally need to check them out.

32 Black British Hair Brands That Prove We Have Options! 2017

A 2014 study showed that £5.25 billion was spent on hair care products in the UK and that black women accounted for 80% of those sales, but how many black owned British hair brands can you name? If the answer is more than three, then well done, as you are in the minority... now is the perfect time to shine a light on the many amazing natural hair brands we have here in the UK.

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36 Black British Businesses You Need In Your Life, 2017 

Almocado offers a range of holistic natural hair and organic skin care solutions developed as an extension to the holistic hair care and wellbeing services provided through Almond & Avocado Ltd. Most of the ingredients used in the products are inspired by or can be sourced in the Caribbean and a percentage of sales are donated to Alopecia UK.

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Young, Gifted & Grinding: The Black British Hair Industry And Female Entrepreneurs, 2017

I wanted to make Young, Gifted and Grinding a platform to highlight the variety of ways Black British entrepreneurs are flourishing. The project was also an opportunity for me to hear stories first-hand from people across the country who inspire myself and many other young entrepreneurs.

14 British Hair Care Brands - Shortlist, 2016

This is another brand that focuses on making handmade, organic and all natural products. Almocado has a wide range of products for curly hair, but also for locs, and some products are even said to give you the best twists, braids and cornrows.

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2Inspire Network Spotlight Interview With Almocado Founder &Ceo Annette Clark Headley, 2013

Almocado won the Award of Excellence, October 2013

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The Natural Hair Lounge Interviews Annette Clark Headley, 2013

Sometimes I hear people complaining about their hair shedding or thinning edges. Imagine if you were to lose all your hair? This is what happened to Annette Clark Headly founder of Almond & Avocado Ltd. Find out how she dealt with it and more about her company by reading below.

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Wash Day Ramblings

How I use it: 

I find it easy to apply shampoo to my hair using a nozzle bottle, so I put equal parts of the shampoo and water into my nozzle bottle and apply the solution all over my scalp. I then massage it in to loosen up the debris and dirt on my scalp. I have a sensitive scalp which means I don't like to leave shampoo on for too long so I rinse that off and then I lather up the shampoo in my hands to use on my actual locks and work that through the length of my hair. I then rinse, rinse, rinse.

My verdict: 

It cleanses well without stripping, is a pleasant smell and it is a nice clear, consistency which is perfect for locs since it won't leave buildup.  

I do go throught quite a lot because I am heavy handed when it comes to the application on my hair because it doesn't produce as much suds as SLS shampoos so I imagine that I will go through this product quite quickly and at £14.99/$25.20 it is fairly expensive, but as it is a handmade product, I guess that is to be expected. 

It is also worth noting that Almocado offers free shipping on all orders which really does help. 

Because I really like the shampoo, these are not really major issues for me and so my only real complaint is that I wish it came in a bigger size!

I give this shampoo:

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