SUB - Maximise Moisture LCO Kit

Size: 1kg
Almocado LCO Kit

SUB - Maximise Moisture LCO Kit

Size: 1kg
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This kit contains: 

  • (L)Avocado Hair Silk: to detangle and hydrate the hair; can be applied to dry or damp hair.
  • (C) Avocado Hair Milk : to moisturise and condition the hair, concentrate on your ends!
  • (O)Avocado Hair Glaze: Melt the Avocado Hair Glaze between your fingers and smooth into the hair shaft to lock in moisture. 

Style as desired. 

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Almocado LCO Kit

SUB - Maximise Moisture LCO Kit

Many of you have been contacting us asking how you can retain moisture, avoid breakage and care for your natural hair during the lockdown. .

We find that we keep recommending this combination of products so have made it easier for you to get them by bundling them together in an easy to use kit. .

The LCO method works on the principle of layering your products to teach the desired hydration level and then locking all that moisture in with a natural sealant (e.g. an oil or easy to apply Buttermelt ). 

  • (L) Start with the Hair Silk to nourish and detangle and provide liquid moisture to your strands
  • (O)  Smooth a dollop of the replenishing Avocado Hair Milk into your strands, focusing on the ends and ensuring the product is well absorbed. If you can see it sitting on top you’ve applied too much.  
  • (C) Seal in all that moisture by melting some of our Avocado Hair Glaze between your fingertips and then apply a light coating to each section of hair , twisting or braiding as you go - to fully lock in all that moisture.

Your hair is now prepped and primed for whatever you wish to do next or you can simply cover your twists with a bonnet and get on with your day (or night ☺️) .

This combination of products contains organic avocado oil, shea oil, baobab oil, cocoa butter, safflower oil and apricot oil which will moisturise and soften the hair. The Hair Milk contains a shot of hydrolysed wheat keratin to help strengthen and repair the hair. 

All products are pH balanced to be kind to your curls

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Is the LCO method a daily routine?
Asked by Titilayo Akinjogbin

Thanks for your question. 

The LCO (or LOC) method isn't usually a daily routine - because the amount of manipulation involved would reduce length retention (if sustained growth is your goal). 

The method is best used after a fresh washing, and can be used again mid-week or halfway through the period before the next wash, to refresh a hairstyle and top up moisture levels. 

Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. 

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Customer Reviews


Lovely products, leave my 4c hair extremely soft and manageable. Coming from using another brand for my LOC/LCO wash and go routine , it took me a while to get used to how creamy these are, which is a good thing as I feel my hair doesn’t shrink as much. The Hair Silk is truly silky and has a sweet smell that reminds me of caramel. Yummy

Tanya Ellis

This butter leaves my hair so soft. I love using it as a finishing product in my salon and I use it at home on my daughter's hair. i find it perfect for locking in moisture as part of the LCO/LOC moisture maximisation method as it's not too thick or heavy and goes on with a silky finish. Just remember a little goes a long way - you don't want to be a big greasy mess.

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