"Baby Locs" Box (Microlocs Starter Kit)

Size: 0.95kg

"Baby Locs" Box (Microlocs Starter Kit)

Size: 0.95kg
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"Baby Locs" Box (Microlocs Starter Kit)

Starter Kit with 1 full sized Shampoo & Cooling Scalp Spritz to fight itching and support loc development

These are  full sized products! Now you can enjoy our bestselling Stage 1 Seaweed Shampoo (formerly known as the StrandsTogether Shampoo) & the cooling Peppermint Tea hair and scalp tonic (spritz) - great for combating that annoying itchy dry scalp that arrives soon after your microloc establishment /sisterlocks installation. 

The shampoo will help keep your locs clean and free from any environmental residue (pollen, dust, and products) without disturbing the locking process. (Read more about it here

The Moisture Mist can be applied directly to the scalp to help sooth any tightness, dryness or itchiness as your scalp adjusts to the 'no oil' regime required at the beginning of your loc journey. The mist is blended with Aloe Vera and herbs to help hydrate the hair shaft and loc in the moisture. (Read more about it here

We only use organic essential oils in our products, and these are natural products, however, if you are sensitive to Peppermint or Tea Tree essential oils; or if you have a wheat or oat allergy please conduct a patch test prior to use.

NB: Please note that while we transition to our updated look, your box may contain products with the original style of labelling; this does not affect the quality of the product as the formulas remain the same.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!This peppermint spritz literally saved me! I had my sisterlocs installed 6 days ago and the itchy scalp has been immense. I suffer with psoriasis on my scalp and ordinarily have to wash often but my loctician asked me not to wash for a month after install as my hair is very soft and she is concerned about slippage and formation. I arrived home today determined to wash my hair due to dry scalp, unbearable itching throughout the day and night but was pleasantly surprised that this package had arrived sooner than expected as I knew some products may need to be made fresh to order. i immediately used the spray to see if it would save me a wash and it did just that. My scalp is still tingling and feeling the wonderful cooling effects an hour after spraying and my hair smells divine - really, really good! I literally cannot say enough about how wonderful my head and hair feel, it needed this moisture and soothing blend and I now have real confidence that I can last a month without washing my hair, in fact this feels so good that I expect I'll last at least another week without needing to use it again. I bought this starter pack after doing plenty research on the sisterlocks starter shampoo and deciding it would not be for me. I was very pleased to come across this range and I'm looking forward to using this cleansing shampoo which smells subtle but lovely. Given my positive experience with the spray, I'm really looking forward to using the other products as and when appropriate and feel that I've been fortunate early on to find a range I'll probably stick with and recommend to others. I've seen that many have issues with their itchy scalp early on but no solution is offered - I'll be really happy to promote this across the many social media posts I come across. Everything arrived quickly, nicely packaged with a handwritten note - all very professional but personal from start to finish, I genuinely can't praise Almocado enough - thank you, thank you, thank you!

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