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36 Black British Businesses you need in your life, 2017 

Almocado offers a range of holistic natural hair and organic skin care solutions developed as an extension to the holistic hair care and wellbeing services provided through Almond & Avocado Ltd. Most of the ingredients used in the products are inspired by or can be sourced in the Caribbean and a percentage of sales are donated to Alopecia UK.
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14 British Hair Care Brands - shortlist, 2016

This is another brand that focuses on making handmade, organic and all natural products. Almocado has a wide range of products for curly hair, but also for locs, and some products are even said to give you the best twists, braids and cornrows.

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Hair by God blogger Michelle interviews Annette Clark Headley, CEO of Almocado as part of her Great British brands series:



Motherhood Reconstructed - Christmas Gift Lift 2016

Almocado was shortlisted under the handmade organic hair and skin care category

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Shampoos for Sisterlocks - A Personal Comparison, 2014

Article with photos showing how Almocado's Stage 1 shampoo lifts greasy residue (soap scum) from a client's Sisterlocks.

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