Customer Reviews (4)
Patricia Jones - USA
Exceptional experience
From initial purchase to use of the product, Exceptional experience! I submitted my order on 1/26/19 and received my items on 2/4/19. As the adage goes, first impressions are lasting and upon opening my package I appreciated the handwritten thank you. Too often in this techno driven age, merchants forget the importance of the "personal touch" which immediately made me felt valued as a customer. So on to the main event, I just completed my first wash with the peppermint tea tree shampoo and I was not disappointed. I am five months sister locked and have soley been utilizing the sister lock starter shampoo. However I can honestly say this is the best my hair and scalp have felt since embarking on this journey . I also purchased the seaweed strands together shampoo which smells divine. I can't wait to try it for next weeks wash. At this juncture all I have to say is, God bless and Keep up the good work.
Lily - UK
an excellent shampoo
The shampoo is designed for Sisterlocks and is an excellent shampoo, I am 9 months sisterlocks and I have met the maker Annette at Almocado, and her products are excellent.

Worth using 100%, smells great (not over powering), and i dilute and use in an applicator bottle.

Give it a try you will not regret it.
Shane - UK
Great product
Alandra Davis - USA
My fellow new sister locked sistaís I have received the relief to the itch without damage to your installation. Yíall itís like a peppermint kissed my scalp in all the right places. Iím over here bout to praise dance.