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NS - London
my hair LOVES your products
Thanks Annette ... my hair LOVES your products... Iíve had hair issues for YEARS!!!! Literally nothing worked.. either too oily too heavy...

Iíve now cut my hair .. all the dead rubbish and my hair DRINKS up your stuff like .. WOW!! Itís it amazing condition.. only that itís short and not very exciting to look at... anyhoo thank you thank you thank you 😘
Gina Edwards - UK
Really love the almond avocado honey hair milk. Luxurious x
Loresia Reid - U.S.A
A noticeable difference

I just received my order of Almocado products and I must say it's better than any product I have ever used. I've had Sisterlocks for 2 1/2 years and have been natural for close to 15.

The shampoo got my hair so clean that it had a natural glow. It was a noticeable difference. My hair was clean, it had body, and it smelled fabulous.

The Avocado Honey & Milk leave in conditioner soften my hair and didn't straighten out my waves from my braid out. WOW! Most leave-ins are water based and my hair goes flat after I apply it. This product worked just the opposite....and my hairs smells wonderful.

I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your products and will be spreading the word. Let me know if you start selling retail here in the U.S.

Peace and Blessings

JJ - East London
Not too heavy
Almocado's products are not too heavy. I think the leave in conditioner is great