Despite best efforts delays may occur. Click here for our Covid19 response.

Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Your order will be processed and dispatched within 7 - 10 working days during the COVID19 lockdown .

Almocado is not liable or responsible for shipping delays - these are a direct result of the impact of global pandemic on shipping routes as companies implement new health and safety measures and adjust to operating with a reduced workforce.

Our online store at remains open during these unprecedented times.

“The Roof”, our boutique is closed until further notice so, for the time being, collection is no longer a viable form of delivery.

The Almocado Hair and Scalp Clinic - our Trichology centre, is also closed to appointments and treatments until further notice.

The "Mez" - our Sisterlocks, Microlocs and Natural Hair Salon is closed until further notice.

I repeat, our online store at remains open, however, due to the latest Covid-19 restrictions on movement issued by the government, (aka the UK lockdown) deliveries have been impacted. There is also no telephone support available- please email customercare at almocado for assistance.

In order to comply with travel restrictions we have reduced the number of days on which we're able to despatch orders from 5 days to one per week. Express deliveries to the US, UK and EU have been temporarily suspended. Please understand that while inconvenient this is for everyone's health and safety.

Over the last month, we've noticed that, once despatched, some deliveries are being delayed. We are unable to predict which ones or in what way i.e. by how long they'll be delayed - the best source of information is the tracking link we send you which takes you directly to the courier's website for further details.

There have also been disruptions to our inbound supply chain, as we deal with small businesses too - and they've been affected by quarantined, self-isolating or furloughed employees and the same travel restrictions - this is reflected in changes to some of our packaging e.g. black bottles instead of white - BUT we’re all doing our best to keep providing you with the quality products you know and love.

We’re doing everything in our power to ensure there is an Almocado still standing after all the dust settles. We hope you’ve been enjoying the changes to our social media posts and thank you for your love and support.

Sending you virtual hugs and kisses and plant powered goodness 🌱 💋 🤗 💚 .

Also watch this video for further information.