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    Each product in the Almocado range is handmade by a member of the Almocado Family, according to original formulas developed by founder Annette Clark Headley, and tested on hundreds of satisfied clients.

  • '<img class='img-responsive'; src='images/custom-image1.png'; alt='';/>;<div><h2>GENTLE COSMETICS</h2><p>We've balanced each of our formulas to ensure that our products are gentle on your skin and scalp, and still fit for purpose - whether they are cleansers, conditioners or moisturisers. Each product is designed to nourish and protect, strengthen and repair - as naturally and as kindly as possible. </p></div>'
  • <h2>CRUELTY FREE</h2><h6>We are against animal testing and opt not to use animal fats or oils in our products</h6><p>We also avoid parabens, petrochemicals and both sodium laurel sulphate and sodium laureth sulphate in our hair care products.</p>